Mike’s Magic Class has been developed to teach its students a mix of tricks that range from "instant success" to "requires a little practice".  This approach is designed to give the students the thrill of being able to do tricks right away that in turn reinforces their desire to learn more.
     The teaching format is fun too!  First the students get to see the trick and have the experience of being amazed.  Then we go over the trick learning how it's made and how it's used.  Finally students get a chance to try the tricks out on each other!  Of course the kids get to take the tricks home with them in their very own bag of tricks!
     The course comes with a DVD that not only goes over all the methods but also demonstrates the performance as well.  Everything needed to perform the effects is supplied and many of the tricks can be made from everyday objects!
     Mike has been teaching his class  since 1992 in voluntary summer school programs, extra-curricular programs and in commercial settings such as retail stores and restaurants.

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